Transforming data into a simple, useful and exciting experience


We humanize information. We transform complex processes into a simple experience with great returns.
What we do

Our clients needs determine the specific technologies to be used. Our past projects include web-based information processing, reporting systems, automated data analysis services, web and mobile apps, integration, customization and configuration of CRM and ERPs. We humanize information by providing the know-how and software tools required to discover and capitalize new business oppotunities. We empower business processes with custom-made-solutions.

Why clients like us

We first talk business so the technical aspects can really empower the human logic. Our consulting solutions and products offer the highest IT standard still at a reasonable price. We specialize in SMEs that deal with requirements form big corporations. We simplify processes, reduce costs and increase their value proposition.


4 years together as a team and over 20 years of international accumulated experience. Strong technical, research and business backgorund at Federal Reserve Bank, CITI Bank, the London School of Economics, the University of California (SD) and several other universities.


We help our clients to improve their business and processes by untapping and capitalizing on the vast amounts of information that surround them. Our pledge is to make this experience simple, useful and exciting.

OUR MISSION To help our clients to improve their business

Our Solutions


Mural Táctil is much more than just a developing company. We are a vibrant multidisciplinary team, with a strong technical focus complemented with data skills, business understanding and social science tools.
Luis Lojero
Jesús Santos
Everardo Díaz
Juan Roitman
Ana Laura Ortiz
Pablo Tolentino
Patricia Cortés
Ángel Arteaga
CRM Especialist
Ana Lucía Vázquez
CRM Especialist
Carlos Pérez
Víctor Manuel Islas
David Ramirez
David Lozano
UX & Web Design
Antonio Ortega
Data Processing
Daniel Peñuelas
Testing & QA

Past Projects

About us

Founded in Nov. 2011. Incorporated since January 2012
Enterprise Solutions, Software Development and Consulting

Mural Táctil (MT) was founded in Mexico City in 2011. We develop and implement technological tools for the use, transformation and consumption of data and information into digital formats, focusing on cloud-based solutions. At a time where the way we interact with information technologies changes rapidly, we see ourselves as a bridge between information technology and organizations looking for solutions to improve their processes and make their businesses smarter.

Cloud-Based Solutions : Microsoft Azure Partners
Business-Ready World Class Solutions : Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP
Web-Based Custom Solutions : Reporting Systems, Web Applications
Business Consulting : Increased Efficiency in Data Processing
Data Analysis from a Social Science Perspective : Social Media Monitoring, Interactive Data Applications
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